• GladiatorS Ultimate - How to play ?
    01. Download free client
    To play GladiatorS Ultimate, you need to download the client.

    02. Register an account
    When you downloaded the free client, you will need to make an ingame account.

    03. Download Net.Framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable x86 and x64 packages!
    Once your client is unpacked and your account is created, just open GladiatorS Ultimate.exe, update and play! You can also download the manual patch from our website and use Start.exe to go ingame!

    04. X-Trap Problem Fix
    1. Right click "engine.exe".
    2. Press Properties.
    3. Go to Compatibility on top.
    4. Run this program in a compatibility mode for : Windows 8 or below.
    5. Apply and then run the client!

    05. Disable Anti-Virus programs & Windows Defender
    If you get any problems with virus detection on the client,simply disable Windows Defender or the Anti-Virus program,so it doesn't delete any needed file to run the client! Some anti-virus programs detect some files in our client as viruses,but they aren't!

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