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Date: 05/08/2022 20:00 Server Time
Since the server lost popularity for unknown reasons, i will be considering to reopen it at the right time. I don't want my 2 months+ work to be wasted, because there aren't many players online. A lot of the issues that have been reported by all of you have been fixed.
  • I have fixed the PvP damages for all the classes on the my Local Test Server, so it should be fine, but there will ofcourse occur changes during the server running.
  • I wanna make this server enjoyable for everybody, so i will give it my all if i have to and wait the right time to reopen again. It won't die or close forever!
  • All the DONATERS will have their Donation Coins returned whenever the server reopens!
  • All the Beta Reporters that have received their "Beta Appreciation Box" , will get it once again!
  • All the Discord Boosters will receive their "Discord Booster Box" once again too!
  • Top 10 players on the Ranking will get a small appreciation reward as well on the server restart!
  • I am also considering to add a Vote Reward Store along with the items you get when voting for the server!
  • I will also add some more task quests into 70+ areas so you guys can have fun doing them as well along the Daily ones.
  • I would like to apologize to the people that feel let down or feel that they have wasted their time and i hope you guys understand my point of view and also reconsider rejoining again when the server reopens!
  • If you have any suggestions, you want me to improve something or whatever, you can feel free to write in the suggestions section in our Discord.
  • Expect me to announce the REOPENING DATE soon in the coming weeks!
  • Last but not least,
    Thank you all for your support, love, respect and everything! WE WILL BE BACK! WE ARE NOT DEAD!

  • Join our Discord on the bottom of the website for more info!
Website is now online!
Date: 16/07/2022 15:00 Server Time
Welcome back to GladiatorS Ultimate - The Final Chapter!
  • The server will be totally different and reworked than all the previous versions. We are focusing on LONG-TERM and lots of content for everyone to experience and enjoy their stay.

  • 2019 Own Source engine
  • Low to Mid rate EXP (You won't be able to get to 70 in few hours or really fast and get bored easy after that)
  • A whole new gameplay experience
  • Lots of new never seen areas,monsters,npcs and quests starting from level 50
  • Start level 1 instead of 30 like on previous versions. You will be able to experience old school kalonline areas up to 50 normally.
  • New quests from start with great rewards to keep you busy and enjoy while leveling up
  • Lots of Raids & Instance Dungeons for different levels
  • WORLD RAID for the whole server
  • Crafting System for everything in the server - Costumes/Weapon Skins/Riding Pets/G2 Talismans/Accessories/Buffs and much more!

  • NOT PAY2WIN - Every single donation item will be able to be crafted by normal players!
  • Most of the new INT Systems DISABLED & DELETED - Battle Riding, Hanin Mirrors, Jewel Pimping, Qigong, Perforation Shot, Demon Gong etc.

  • Join our Discord for more info!
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